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My friend Karen Kaufman Wilson is a veteran of the Hollywood movie wars. She knows something new when she encounters it. Now, instead of discovering it, she’s started it. Her newest direction has inspired her to create a website that makes it easier for others to break into the movie and TV game. I invited her to share a bit about her new site with us. I think you’ll enjoy reading about what she’s up to.


We’re live. I launched. After three years in development, my website is up. Hollywood Insider Directory is what I call my labor of struggle and joy. Here’s the link HollywoodInsiderDirectory.com. 

I love my little site. I think you might too. It’s for those who need information and access. Information about Hollywood decision makers, gatekeepers and executives. This is how it works. You’ve got a script and you think it’ll be right for Anonymous Content? You can use HID to find phone numbers, mailing and e-mail addresses for the Anonymous Content development staff. You’ve read where your favorite actress/producer has acquired the rights to a novel that you love, and you have some ideas about how to finance the project? Her production office info, and studio information is listed. Send her a note that explains how you wish to participate.

My partners and I are very proud of our new endeavor; former WME agent, Graham Kaye and independent film financier, Elliott Wilson all believe that there’s a huge upside to our project because every outsider needs a key to unlock the doors that delay their progress.If you’re an outsider looking for a way into the movie business, we believe this will be it. 

I am proud to deliver an affordable database of decision makers for film and TV that includes verified information about studio first look deals along with network writers deals. Some of the key information, Hollywood Insider Directory provides is only available on long established expensive sites so the goal was to offer access to contact info at a price point that would appeal to the bargain shopper in all of us. 

For me, it’s been a long haul from my days as a development executive for directors, Carl Franklin and George Tillman, where my life was a whirlwind of fancy dinners, premieres and battling studio executives for highly contested development spots for my projects. In the 25 years, I have been in the film business I have read thousands of scripts, met with hundreds of writers and set up numerous film and TV projects. Now as a CEO for a start-up entertainment resource site, I spend endless hours researching data. Though I still developed passion projects, I longed to create an entertainment platform that equalized the playing field for Hollywood hopefuls and those working independently in the business. Hollywood Insider Directory is the realization of that dream. 

In the 48 hours, Hollywood Insider Directory has been live, I am thrilled to celebrate my first registrant and am in negotiation with the management of another successful entertainment resource site who quickly saw the value of our information. It’s an exciting time. My fingers can barely stop shaking long enough for me to type this. I am grateful to all who have supported me in my desire to create and own my own website. Thanks especially to the insideplaya a friend of many years who understood my vision. 

Karen Kaufman Wilson

The Author

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