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The buzz from Iowa is still ringing. History being made usually adds a little electricity to the air. When the history made involves race, class, culture and generational politics, there’s usually a bit more sizzle. The air over Iowa is crackling tonight.

Noted documentarian, Michael Moore put a blog up on his website today, that attributes Hillary Clinton’s loss in Thursday’s Iowa caucases to anti war sentiment. His assesment of the results, led him to believe that, the 70% of democrats that voted against her, were soley concerned about Bush/Cheney’s mishandling, of a conceptually flawed grab for Texas Tea, in the name of patriotism.

The thing is this, an anti war vote would have easily given victory to John Edwards. But there seems to be something else at play here. Young people came out in droves to vote for Obama. Undecideds voted for Obama. Educated women between the ages of 21 and 34 voted for Obama. Did I mention that Iowa has an African American population of 2%?


Iowa is a place where the majority of the population has very limited contact with African American citizens on a day to day basis. Do away with division I scholarship athletes and there would be considerably less.

Media is the only real window to the black experience for most Iowans. Obama’s timely and strategic use of Oprah Winfrey in his late December apperance there, gave him access to a population that sees many black stars, but very few blacks. Her mega wattage, drew throngs to see real black excellence in person.

But something else was at work here as well. Young people who have grown up on a steady diet of, LL, Fresh Prince, Snoop, Tribe, De La, Run, Diddy, Dre, 50 and Jigga continued to embrace black male swagger in the same way they have for more than a generation.

Hillary Clinton is not down with this crew at all. She represents business as usual to a New America, that’s thirsty for new ideas and leadership. Senator Clinton is talented, intelligent, capable and experienced. She’s just not part of this hotness and neither is her husband.

This kid Obama just might keep rockin ’til the break of dawn. If all goes well, maybe Hill and Bill can get down with his street team.

Mad love to Russell Rush, Oprah and the Hidden Beach crew.


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