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I was four or five when I first heard his name. Some of the grown folks said he talked too much, others loved him. He spoke in rhymes and predicted which round he’d drop his opponents in. When I was in the 5th grade, he fought what appeared to a little kid, to be a battle against Joe Frazier that divided the country in half. He’d occasionally lead with the right hand (highly unorthodox), and threw it with bad intentions. He gave up 3 1/2 years of prime earning power because he opposed the war in Vietnam. He took his case to the Supreme Court and won. He fought the first major fight to be held on African soil. Controversy followed him most of his fighting career, but lawd was he nice with the hands. Grace, speed, agility, toughness? He won the crown on three separate occasions. Hollywood has made two films about him already; one where he played himself and another starring Will Smith. There’s never been anyone quite like him, and there never will be. Happy 70th birthday to the Louisville Lip, and the G.O.A.T., Muhammad Ali! – the playa

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