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This weekend in the Lone Star state the big dance continues. All four no. 1 seeded teams will face each other in the final four of the NCCA men’s basketball tourney for the first time in history. Basketball factories Kansas, UCLA, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill along with powerhouse upstart, Memphis continue to dance to the music.

Between the programs of UCLA, UNC and Kansas the champagne of champions has been spilled over 15 times. UCLA has been in the final four each of the last two years, UNC won it all as recently as 2004 and Kansas was a finalist as recently as 2003. Memphis is returning to the final four for the first time since ’73, when they lost to a Bill Walton led edition of the UCLA Bruins.

Many hall of farmers, legends, quality pros, coaches, and basketball executives, have been produced by all four schools. Including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Billy Cunningham, Larry Brown, Donnie Walsh and Walt Hazzard. All glorious programs that have been there over and over and are historically great. It should be exciting. I look forward to three hard fought games this weekend.

All of that sets the stage for a dramatic weekend of hoops. The only missing element? The most exciting player in this past year’s tournament won’t be playing. The starting shooting guard for the Davidson Wildcats, Stephen Curry was eliminated last Sunday by Kansas by a score of 57-59.



Generously listed at 6’3″, Curry averaged 32 points a game for his four appearances in the tournament and was one assist from sending the favored Kansas Jayhawks home early. His jump shooting hot streak sent currents through the basketball world, and he was a personal upset special.

There’s hotness, and then there’s hotness. My man was so hot that he brought tears to his mother’s eyes, sent Wisconsin, Georgetown, and Gonzaga home early and wound up as a guest on The Charlie Rose Show. Definitely making himself one to watch.

Whenever you get a chance next season, catch one of the Davidson Wildcats games Stephen Curry is lava.


shouts to The Wirk, The Hazard crew, Nevwa, and Karen

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