I caught the wave. I was born in the '60's, grew up in the '70's and came of age in the '80's. I was raised on a steady diet of, funk, soul, jazz and pop. I am a product of one of the first fully integrated school systems in the country. My life perfectly paralleled the rise of hip hop. I grew up in a mecca of black music activity. There were studios, artists, labels and record execs who lived, worked and created in the area where I spent my youth. It was located 15 minutes outside of Harlem. There were hustlas with families avoiding the down side of their trade. Black, southern, migrants pursuing dreams. A tight knit professional class of buppies. It was progressive. The Isley Brothers lived there, Wilson Pickett lived there, George Benson lived there, American Gangster, Frank Lucas lived nearby. I've come to refer to it as Soul City.

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